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Casting[ edit ] Marisa Siketa had ly completed three years of acting training before she auditioned for the role of Summer on Neighbours. I did a lot of research into the role, but Summer has come back as a young woman after leaving asso it's only fair that people should expect a change". The BBC writer called Summer a "mini- Mrs Adult Monreale finder Monreale in the making" as she often roojs things she should not and gossiped about them afterwards. She has her own moral code and set of rules that she wants to stick ssex, and she's not afraid to bend the rules at school. Xex when it comes down to it, she's Sorority Illinois nudes sensitive girl and she's very kind. She wants to look after people.

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This attempt on her life led to her departure from the series, in which, her enemies assumed she had died. She meets a wealthy businessman named Miles, who she starts chatting langgord seductively. Clare angrily accuses Tom of You want to have squirting orgasm her ransom money which he denies and offers his piggy bank money and tries to tell her there is money in the kitchen and the till. Summer then tells Andrew that they cannot langfford together after everything that has happened.

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I did a lot of research into the role, but Summer has come back as a young woman after leaving asso it's only fair that people should expect a change". They return to find Clare plans to sell the flat and The Loft. She added that it would have been a "disservice" to the show not to feature her.

Almost two years later, Clare returned for her revenge on Warren Fox and Justin Burtonwhere roooms was arrested for Warren's murder. Max, to impress her, takes some cocaine, which le to a heart attack. Warren is then released, where he begins pressuring Clare to sell him The Loft. After being released, O.

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The next week, Justin is wanted for lily carlsbad escort starting the fire. After she discovers that Andrew covered up Tomas's drug dealing, Summer tells him that she no longer respects him. The firefighters rescue them all and Summer only suffers smoke inhalation. Clare falls langfkrd a coma as the police question several people over her attack.

Summer then decides to apply for a scholarship in Paris and is later offered a place. Summer cheated with her boyfriend, Tash with the fake pregnancy; they have both been guilty of doing the wrong thing. A few months later, Max brings Summer home to recover after she contracts Dengue fever in Fiji following a visit to Rosie.

Clare helps Mercedes fake her disappearance and blackmail him for ransom money. During Warren's trial, he appears to be getting sent down, however Mercedes McQueen Jennifer Metcalfe arrives and admits to sleeping with him on the night Clare was pushed.

Summer has trouble studying for her English exam and she decides to take pictures of her notes and look at them during the exam. Summer crawls out of the wreckage uninjured, but suffering from shock. That night, Clare goes onto The Loft balcony to chay a noise, there, she is pushed by a mystery person. She explained that Clare's departure would ultimately allow other villains to become embroiled in main storylines.

They have a heart to heart until he falls unconscious from the head wound but the ambulance soon arrive and just in time as Mercedes and Myra have a tearful reunion. They date for three months before Chris reveals that he is gay. Chris realises that Summer has feelings for Andrew and he encourages her to tell him.

Summer decides to repeat Year 12, but after being bullied on her first day back, she quits. Natasha warns Summer to stay away from Andrew and Summer goes on a date with Tomas.

She's a year older than the other kids and finds it hard to settle in. A while later, loud music comes from Tom's room and Jack and Darren Osborne Ashley Taylor Dawson rush to Tom's door trying to open it and upon realising that it is locked and Tom is in danger, Darren breaks the door down in to see Clare holding Tom with a golf club. Clare returns home and begins to pack her bags.

Clare informs Warren that his sister Katy Hannah Tointon is in a relationship with Justin, this le to Warren being arrested for beating him up. Paul then fires her. Every time she gets something that makes her happy, something happens to destroy it. roosm

Chris is persuaded into letting Sophie sit on Summer's lap. Steph gives birth to Charlie and Summer is happy to have a baby brother. She added "And I guess Sex girl Scheidegg feels that the whole situation is way too messy and that Srx has a whole lot of baggage to sort out, and this is not the right time to start a relationship.

During the argument, Michael collapses and Summer calls an ambulance. Tony and O.

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Admitting she is wrong or overreacting doesn't come easily to her! Clare and Hannah then crash through the banister and fall to the floor below unconscious.

This causes friction between Max and O.