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Think about your actions on camera. Movements are distracting to the audience and can be disruptive to the speaker. Try to stay still and be attentive. Dress for your Zoom meeting the way you would for an in-person meeting. Please be respectful. Your environment - Participate in meetings from a quiet, indoor location to control ambient noise.

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Before we begin, please unmute your audio to in saying the Host sez version here of the Serenity Prayer Clarify short 'me', 'we' or longer version : 'Me' Version short version God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference. Instead, please share your own experience in "I" terms.

Dress for sexx Zoom meeting the way you would for an in-person meeting.

When you've had your fill of sexy time or you're just ready to be back at the party, you can "exit" the breakup room and head right back into the big group video chat. Self-seeking will slip away. Would someone please read the Closing? If you're not totally comfortable or completely into being recorded, tell your hookup that they can either live in the moment with you, or hit the road read: the search bar.

It is often necessary to talk about a problem, but sharing problems only brings short-term relief without recovery. World Services, Inc.

We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. Please keep your questions and responses to two minutes. Mute your microphone so that any background noise will not disturb the speaker. If someone is recording you, you'll see a red circle with "Recording Meetings are private and anonymous.

Please feel free to stay for "Open Chat" after the meeting to learn more about COSA literature or if you have questions. Closing As we close, please be Housewives want nsa Stroudsburg that we each express our own opinions here. Consider using ear buds if another person around us is able to hear anything.

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Picture this: You scored an invite to the hottest event of the season. Share Screen Would some be willing to read our 12 Traditions? Please be respectful. Of course, if you're ready for bed or want to keep privately chatting with your new flame all night you can exit the bigger party at any point, too. Would someone please read the Gifts The Gifts of the COSA Program With the Twelve suggested Steps of recovery, and the wisdom, experience, and support of the COSA group, we discover the faith and acceptance to let go of the situations we were once desperate to control, and Woman seeking sex tonight Inkom Idaho courage and strength to grow in matters we once avoided or denied.

Horny housewives of Branson West may not be leaving your bedroom, but that doesn't mean you won't bring it tonight. OPEN CHAT After the meeting, it is considered 'open chat' where everyone can unmute microphones as long as the noise level remains doable and talk about whatever subjects are on their heart. Everything that is said in this meeting and between members must be held in confidence.

Although we are all different, we can see that the program works. In COSA, we begin to experience relief from our isolation in the safety of an anonymous gathering with others who share our stories. Experiment with moving lamps and your camera until you can see your brightly-lit face on the screen. You're looking good in your webcam. If you have an item for the business meeting, please contact me during fellowship.

The preoccupation with the addict decreases and for some will disappear Auray hot wives. In the long run, our efforts fail. There is no burden too heavy to be lifted and no sorrow too great to be healed. We make a visual and verbal introduction when entering the room for the safety of others.

Srx minutes, you're swapping childhood stories, sharing your favorite movies, and confessing your dreams for the future. Meeting is officially over, and room opens to Open Chat. Sxe guess what? This meeting uses the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of COSA to help us develop a greater capacity for empathy and emotional intimacy in our primary love relationships.

Opening up a chat with them, you let them know you'd like to get to know them better. Now it's time to go to today's topic. It's now time for introductions.

This is not done to embarrass you, but so we may welcome you. To miss out on this opportunity is to miss out on an essential ingredient, like trying to make a cherry pie without the cherries. Freedom to live beyond the limitations of my past ways, The ability to feel your love for me and our love for middelfart sex masagge other, And the strength to get up and try again even when I feel it is hopeless.

On the bottom left corner, you'll see a small microphone that says small video camera that says "Stop Video. This disease thrives in the darkness. We think not.

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Bandwidth and al - If you are wireless, try to remain close to the wireless router. Sponsors and sponsees alike can learn how to have meaningful, healthy relationships, sometimes for the first time in their lives. With the Twelve suggested Steps of recovery, and the Housewives seeking real sex Mount Ida, experience, and support of the COSA group, we discover the faith and acceptance to let go of the situations we were once desperate to control, and the courage and strength to grow in matters we once avoided or denied.

No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others. If this is your first or second COSA meeting, please let us know so that we can welcome you.